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The JAR file is required for installing Java applications. If it is missing, the device may ask you to download it. If there is no access point defined for the application, you are asked to select one. To install an application, do the following: In other applications, select the installation file to start the installation. During installation, the device shows information about the progress of the installation. If you install an application without a digital signature or certification, the device displays a warning. Continue installation only if you are sure of the origin and contents of the application.

Lispecialist support and medical assistance;li. It raises jail terms from five to 15 years and abolishes fast http: She also had spy phone calls for creation of an internal pentagon watchdog after investigating the militarys links to sex trafficking in the balkans. Monitor text messages, GPS locations, call details, photos and social media activity. View the screen and location LIVE! When you're ready to start monitoring your child or employee's smartphone or tablet, you will be relieved to know that Spy Stealth is very easy to set up.

All your information is strictly kept confidential and no indication of Spy Stealth on your bill. Just download the application on the phone you want to spy. Its so easy it wont take more than 2 minutes. Log in to your online Spy Stelth user area to view all the information from the spying phone. Yes, it IS that simple! The only way to find her was by tracking the SMS with your software. The police were able to catch her with the messages. We would not have caught her as fast as we did without Spy Stealth. I am trying to prevent pornography from getting to my child's phone.

Thank you very much and you can count on my support and references on your other products, which by the way, are more stable and generally work better than those of your competitors. Toggle navigation Call tracker for nokia touch version Phone Tracking Software. Home Features How it Works? Compatibility Purchase Demo. Call tracker for nokia touch version Select new path rule to open mobail tracker software download for n72com new-rule dialog box shown in figure 2. Keeps a log of all folders and files created, renamed, moved or. Michelle C. Hopper Down to the set up sim card lock.

Nokia to nokia calls tracker cell phone tracker pc spy on prepay phones gps tracker software whatsapp spy baixar. Iphone spy app record calls put spyware on iphone sms tracker whatsapp can u track an iphone. Track all phone activity with SpyStealth monitoring application. Features Learn more. Now compatible with iOS 9. Monitor up to Five devices. Start Monitoring in Three Easy Steps! Compass 49 likes 15 favorites 6 comments A Compass application useful for navigation.

Meemory 3 likes 1 favorite Puzzle game to test your memory and hopefully helps you improve it. Star Saber 6 likes 2 favorites Modify your photos with the sword of your choice and transform your friends into modern knights! What the duck 5 likes 1 favorite Shoot birds before it leave scene, get more scores and open new amazing levels.

Recorder 39 likes 10 favorites 2 comments Voice recorder application for recording audio notes.

Call tracker for nokia 5233 touch version

Downhill Champion 10 likes 2 favorites Downhill Champion is the ultimate downhill mountain biking game! SciCalc 63 likes 23 favorites 14 comments Advanced calculator application with options for simple and scientific views.

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N9 QuickTweak 43 likes 26 favorites 14 comments This is a small application that work via terminal like Almehdin's n9tweak app. Car Track 5 likes 2 favorites 1 comment Car Track app allows you to get the best out of your car. Vimeo 29 likes 17 favorites 7 comments Vimeo for Meego. Speed X 36 likes 18 favorites 4 comments Speed X is an action 3D tunnel game where you have to avoid colourful blocks by using tilt motion controls. Theme settings 20 likes 8 favorites 4 comments Allows the system theme to be changed through the Settings application.

Biorhythms Pro 3 likes 2 favorites Good looking and easy to use mobile personal biorhythm calculator for two persons. Filter box 12 likes 4 favorites Filter box is a photo editing application that allows to apply various color filters to your photos. LINKer 6 likes 1 favorite Unleash the power of your home view! Longwire Free 5 likes 4 favorites Longwire is the photojournalist's ultimate tool. The Bubble Shooter 5 likes 2 favorites Have a nice time shooting bubbles with this captivating game. SunCalc 6 likes 1 favorite Provides all important information related to the Sun's appearance in your local sky, for any geographic location and any date.

Joyful Lala 2 likes 1 favorite Lala is a cute bird who responds to your touches and repeats everything you say in a funny voice. World Of Rabbit - The Dig! Billboard Standby Screen 20 likes 10 favorites 1 comment Display the current date, battery level, current song, internet connection information and more on your N9's standby screen - easy customization!

Sports Tracker 89 likes 48 favorites 15 comments Turn your mobile into a social sports computer with Sports Tracker! Dalton - The Awesome! Derivatives and Integrals 5 likes 2 favorites 1 comment Get the best reference for derivative and integral expressions of the most useful functions. Adventlands 4 likes 2 favorites 1 comment Immerse in this game, Action and Adventure in HD and 3D sound in 60 levels and 4 islands, Can you defeat all de evil Bosses?

Square-it 9 likes 3 favorites Puzzle game where your goal is to put all the blocks inside the square without any blocks overlapping another. Lists 13 likes 8 favorites 2 comments An easy-to-use check-list application for todos, shopping lists or any other type of activity. Fruit bug 44 likes 7 favorites 6 comments Feed this friendly bug with fruits. Camdrive 4 likes 4 favorites Camdrive transforms your N9 into a car black box.

File Manager 92 likes 34 favorites 16 comments File Manager is the best file manager application for your Nokia N9. POP Flix 8 likes 4 favorites 5 comments Convenient on-the-go movie app for movie reviews, trailers, and showtimes. Wordy 5 likes 3 favorites 1 comment Wordy is a classic "find words" game played on a 4x5-letter board.

NightVision Camera 6 likes 1 favorite NightVision Camera simulates a funny live night vision camera effect. SoftairRealFight 4 likes 2 favorites 7 comments Geo-navigator and real-time cooperative teams application for Softair. DictaRec 4 likes 2 favorites Best of quality recording! Home screen settings 63 likes 32 favorites 1 comment Settings for the home screen. Angry Buster 5 likes 4 favorites 1 comment The Angry Buster HD game have 12 levels witch easy, normal, hard, crushing difficulty and square, horizontal, vertical field.

ShotMee 50 likes 14 favorites 7 comments ShotMee is a utility to take and save screenshots on Nokia N9 from anywhere including the lockscreen. Saita School 2 Premium 3 likes 1 favorite Saita School 2 is a physics puzzle game. Harmoji 10 likes 7 favorites Emoji implementation on Harmattan. Tweetian 20 likes 11 favorites 3 comments A feature-rich Twitter app powered by Qt.

Brain Party 6 likes 2 favorites 3 comments Brain Party is a fun, free puzzle game for all the family that's made up of 36 minigames designed to push your brain to its limits by testing memory, logic, mathematics, reaction time and more! Heureka 2 likes 2 favorites Shopping consultant in mobile. Panora 2 likes 2 favorites 1 comment Panora helps to capture pictures for further panorama processing. Tap Player Control 2 likes 1 favorite Application provides standart media player control using taps on the phone body.

Jump 4 likes 2 favorites 2 comments A fast paced jumping game where you need to avoid crashing into obstacles that are in your way. Fridge Magnets 2 likes 1 favorite Multiplayer fridge magnet app. Function keys for MeeGo terminal 12 likes 4 favorites 2 comments Add function keys to your MeeGo terminal. SmartHosts 1 like 2 favorites SmartHosts can update your hosts file. Ecotoss 1 like 1 favorite Learn waste segregation with fun! Stressless N9 1 like 1 favorite Suffering from tension? Ant Smasher 4 likes 2 favorites 5 comments Don't let the ants invade your phone.

CutePress 5 likes 2 favorites 1 comment WordPress app. ToggleWlanScan 6 likes 3 favorites Please be aware that this application intends to help with the following issue: Gtalk Video Call 64 likes 21 favorites 26 comments This package enables video calling with Google Talk contacts.

Morse Translator 5 likes 2 favorites Application can convert text to morse code and vice versa. Toshl 54 likes 24 favorites 5 comments Toshl is a personal finance organizer that helps you follow and change your spending habits. Klippr 2 likes 1 favorite A client for http: ProfileMatic 62 likes 33 favorites 32 comments ProfileMatic changes automatically your profile. Voddler 3 likes 3 favorites 3 comments Watch movies and TV-series directly on your phone. Pomodoro App 3 likes 2 favorites This tool will help to track the pomodoro times and alert you.

BWizz 2 likes 1 favorite BWizz is a small Browser bookmark editing tool. Carrom 3 likes 1 favorite Carrom - based on the popular tabletop game delivers a unique offering on the mobile. Magneto Meter 4 likes 3 favorites Uses the built in magnetometer to show the magnetic field. Real Calculator 4 likes 1 favorite Real calculator enables you to perform complex calculations using your phone on the go. The Elements 4 likes 3 favorites Master the periodic table with this interactive application.

Self Timer 21 likes 15 favorites 5 comments Self Timer allows you to set the timer on camera of your Nokia N9 running Meego 1. In Car Home Screen 4 likes 2 favorites 1 comment A home screen with only functionality relevant for in car use. SIM 1 like 3 favorites This tool can show or hidden the simcard's icon on main-screen.

Epic Study 1 like 2 favorites 2 comments Get the most out of any study session by making Epic Study your study companion. Global Caller 1 like 2 favorites 1 comment Do you have trouble finding country dialing codes? Africa Fact Book 1 like 1 favorite Africa Fact Book is the best collection of relevant, weird and quirky facts about Africa. Firestarter 8 likes 7 favorites Read Amazon Kindle books on your N9.

Meekeychain 3 likes 1 favorite Password manager with remote support. AirHockey 3 likes 2 favorites Classic airhockey game. MeeGoal 4 likes 3 favorites 1 comment A client for openliga. Sport timer 7 likes 2 favorites 1 comment Fully customizable sport timer ideal for interval training. Metal Detector 3 likes 3 favorites 3 comments Find ferrous metals and magnetic fields using your phone. Wleux 6 likes 4 favorites Wleux is a little utility to setup a wallpaper for your n9 or n by selecting it from the desktoppr.

Nokia 5233 Applications

Brick Buster 3 likes 4 favorites Play the best brick busting game with more than 35 levels included. WifiTrans 7 likes 4 favorites 1 comment Transfer the files on your phone to any other device through the wireless network by creating a wireless file server on your device. Tarneeb 3 likes 1 favorite Play Tarneeb - 4 player 2 team card game - and with your partner choose between Tarneeb 31, 41 or Remote Camera 8 likes 4 favorites 2 comments Capture the moment when something happens. Livestation 10 likes 3 favorites Do you enjoy live TV news?

Caller ID 5 likes 2 favorites 2 comments Caller ID automatically resolves the identity of an unknown caller using external short message based service providers. Arabic Crosswords 4 likes 2 favorites 2 comments Improve your skills and enjoy the game with enthusiasm feelings, Arabic crosswords is the perfect way for playing and challenging. Numpty Physics 7 likes 3 favorites 2 comments Harness gravity with your crayon and set about creating blocks, ramps, levers, pulleys and whatever else you fancy to get the little red thing to the little yellow thing.

Arabian Puzzle N9 3 likes 2 favorites 1 comment With some of famous places from the Middle East are shaped on a mosaic that the player has to put together from numerous image fragments of different shapes. Photomosaic Maker Free Edition 4 likes 1 favorite Take a photo with your phone, and have it turned to a mosaic of photos! Aura 19 likes 6 favorites 1 comment Aura is an application to record videos applying several kind of effects to them.

Remove Sim Shortcut App 4 likes 2 favorites App to remove the sim shortcut. Calendar Feed 68 likes 27 favorites 9 comments Calendar events at Feed screen as one topmost item. Gallery Tilt Shift plugin 3 likes 1 favorite 1 comment Gallery Tilt Shift Plugin is a filter for the Gallery application which makes a picture look like a miniature.

GAuth 5 likes 2 favorites 1 comment This Authenticator generates tokens for use with two-step verification with Google's online services. TimeTrack 4 likes 4 favorites 1 comment Track and edit your project times. FruitGo 9 likes 3 favorites 9 comments Are you bored? Find - Free 4 likes 2 favorites Find is a simple game that requires player to find alphabet character or number character with its order.

Egg Timer 23 likes 10 favorites A handy timer in stainless steel with alarm! Don Dropit Demo 2 likes 1 favorite Don Dropit, a hedgehog, is the hero of this game. Pomodoro 2 likes 1 favorite The Pomodoro Technique implemented for N9. Gismeteo 9 likes 4 favorites Current weather and accurate weather forecast for all over the world. E-Navigator 3 likes 4 favorites E-Navigator is a mobile reference to food additives or E-numbers. Quran Stories for Kids 2 likes 1 favorite Quran stories for Kids.

Foursquare 53 likes 19 favorites 2 comments Foursquare helps you find new ways to explore the world around you. Longwire Pro 4 likes 4 favorites 1 comment Longwire is the photojournalist's ultimate tool. ColourCheck 2 likes 3 favorites ColourCheck help you find the color name of object around you using phone camera.

Family Locator 1 like 1 favorite 1 comment Family locator application turns your Nokia phone into a must have security gadget. Puppy File Server 6 likes 6 favorites 1 comment A Browser based file manager for your N9 - for all those times when you want to quickly transfer content to or from your phone but forgot the USB cable.

Xema 2 likes 1 favorite Xema is diary for finnish birdwatchers that allows you to make notes on the birds you see. TitanIM 5 likes 2 favorites 1 comment VKontakte instant messenger. Stories Pro 1 like 1 favorite Stories is a productivity and entertainment application for track your favorites things: Bantumi Pro 1 like 1 favorite An African game that is easy to play. Group Text 1 like 1 favorite GroupText ia a messaging application that allows the user to send messages to individuals and groups. Facerecognition Reset Plugin 1 like 1 favorite Delete the facerecognition database from Gallery.

MoGateway 3 likes 2 favorites 1 comment Just click to convert your phone into powerful e-mail to SMS gateway. AWord English Dictionary 10 likes 2 favorites 3 comments AWord Touch brings an advanced English dictionary and thesaurus to your phone. Movies 3 likes 2 favorites Flixstar is an application for movie revies, new releases, top movies and trailers.

Cinema Information 39 likes 12 favorites Butaca provides information about movies, their crew and showtimes near you. KhtBMA 6 likes 3 favorites 1 comment An unofficial battle. Mapsi 4 likes 4 favorites Mapsi is a map application, mainly targeted for hikers, hunters, geocachers, fishermen etc. Smart Lock 5 likes 3 favorites 2 comments This application enables you to hide you media files and keep them from prying eyes.

Photo Swiper 6 likes 3 favorites 2 comments Photo Swiper allows you to view your photos on your PC with a simple Gesture, it doesn't require any network settings. FilesPlus 8 likes 2 favorites 2 comments File manager with cloud service integration. Whip 4 likes 2 favorites This app make only one thing: Luxmeter 3 likes 2 favorites It uses light sensor for measure lux. Mono Art Lite 1 like 2 favorites Mono Art is a photo editing application for black and white photography.

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Find 4 likes 3 favorites Find is a simple game that requires player to find alphabet character or number character with its order. Don Dropit 4 likes 2 favorites 3 comments Don Dropit, a hedgehog, is the hero of this game. Sound Level 3 likes 3 favorites decibel meter. Merry Christmas Tombola! Qcal Pro 2 likes 1 favorite The most elegant scientific calculator, with over 0. Game 3 likes 2 favorites Flood-It! DingMee 5 likes 1 favorite 2 comments Offline translator for many languages. Peek Around 2 likes 2 favorites Peek Around finds what people are talking around your geo-location.

Mono Art 2 likes 2 favorites Mono Art is a photo editing application for black and white photography.

Browse Sony Ericsson C702 Themes

Shopper 4 likes 2 favorites 1 comment eBay app! Dfilebrowser 3 likes 1 favorite Light file browser. ReAction Game 2 likes 1 favorite Navigate the red rectangle through the enemy blocks. StarFinder Pro 8 likes 4 favorites Easily locate stars, planets, constellations, galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, asterisms, meteor shower radiants. Widget Runtime BETA 4 likes 2 favorites The goal of Widget Runtime application is to allow MeeGo users to run locally installable web applications also called widgets as if they were native applications.

Call tracker for nokia 5233 touch version

GameGuide 1 like 1 favorite The game guide has been made as simple as possible so that children can use it easily too. GameGuide Free 1 like 1 favorite The game guide has been made as simple as possible so that children can use it easily too. Nokia Car Mode with Mirrorlink 6 likes 5 favorites 5 comments Nokia Car Mode with MirrorLink has been designed for in-car use to make calls, navigate to a destination, or listen to music.

SkyFiles - the SkyDrive client 7 likes 4 favorites 2 comments Easily upload and download your images, photos, videos and documents to your SkyDrive. Thunder Storm 2 likes 1 favorite Measuring time between flash and thunder get the distance. CameraPro 10 likes 3 favorites CameraPro offers you unique manual camera features such as manual focus, exposure, ISO up to and white balance.

Scrobbler 10 likes 7 favorites Scrobbler for built in media player. Mega Smileys 2 likes 1 favorite Mega Smileys is a funny tool enhance your chatting with funny and more impressive. Sharetus 7 likes 5 favorites 3 comments Plugin to Share UI for sharing to various social and bookmarking sites. Unravel Lite 5 likes 1 favorite Unravel all lines by moving the balls across the board! Sharp Shooter 3 likes 2 favorites Exercise your shooting skills with this elegant archery game.

ThrowIn 4 likes 2 favorites A throw the paper ball into the bin game featuring 3 levels of difficulty. KhtNotes 3 likes 2 favorites KhtNotes is a note taking application for Harmattan devices n, n9. Peak Gold 42 likes 17 favorites 1 comment Work hard and harder in gold mine to reach your Peak Gold point, say goodbye to the poor life!!

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Samurai II: Vengeance 56 likes 36 favorites 23 comments Samurai II sends Daisuke on a quest for revenge across the war-scorched countryside. Mega Avatars 3 likes 1 favorite Mega Avatars helps you create your own cartoon avatar or make one for your friends! Photo Timer 16 likes 9 favorites 2 comments Photo Timer is simply the most advanced self-timer and continuous photo shooting camera app available for Nokia N9.

Alchemy Classic Premium 4 likes 1 favorite Alchemy gives players a unique chance to become a real explorer and creator! FidMe 6 likes 2 favorites Turn your mobile into a card case for all your loyalty cards! Myatzy 2 likes 1 favorite Myatzy is an single player implementation of Yatzy which is a public domain dice game, similar to the Latin American game Generala, the English game of Poker Dice, the Yacht dice game , the Cheerio dice game and Yahtzee.

Sakura 4 likes 2 favorites Sakura is a popular logic puzzle game. Maya Memory 5 likes 4 favorites Find a pair to the ancient Mayan symbols. Nokia Goal 7 likes 6 favorites Soccer at the palm of your hand. Reddit Reader 4 likes 4 favorites 1 comment Simple app for viewing posted images in Reddit. TriQuick Free 2 likes 2 favorites Game to train attentiveness, quick eye and abstract thinking.

TriQuick 2 likes 1 favorite Game to train attentiveness, quick eye and abstract thinking. Exposure Camera 3 likes 2 favorites 1 comment Create funny live light paintings with Long Exposure Camera. MagicLight 3 likes 2 favorites This tool can open your phone LED light and make your phone to be the flash light. MyAccountant 2 likes 1 favorite 1 comment MyAccountant is a finance tool to track and manage your expenses and income. Fake Phone 7 likes 3 favorites 4 comments Fake phone.

Beer Belly 1 like 2 favorites You did some sports and know how many calories you've burned. MTimer 33 likes 13 favorites 4 comments All-in-one timer application. WifiTrans Free 2 likes 1 favorite 1 comment Free version of WifiTrans, a transfer file through wireless network application. Wrap the Box 2 likes 1 favorite Wrap the boxes with your tape by swiping your finger over the box. Shopping List 1 like 1 favorite Simplify your shopping! Bejeweled 2 HD 25 likes 13 favorites 10 comments The world's 1 puzzle game is one of the top paid apps of all time.

Note Teacher 5 likes 3 favorites Improve your skills in naming notes on the grand staff. Photomosaic Maker Premium 2 likes 1 favorite Take any picture, and have it turned into a detailed mosaic of photos! ScreenCast 4 likes 1 favorite With this application you can share any screen shot directly from your phone to Facebook and Twitter. VideoEditor 6 likes 2 favorites Video editing in the palm of your hand. Currency Converter 8 likes 3 favorites Currency converter.

Battle Earth 2 likes 2 favorites Save the Earth from the alien invasion. Rabbit Darts 4 likes 2 favorites Come and enjoy the best darts game! Star Shape Clock 2 likes 2 favorites 12 hours shape clock. Easy Finnish - Full 1 like 2 favorites Learning Finnish is now fun and easy! Word Tiles Multiplayer Free 2 likes 1 favorite Multiplayer crossword game. Word Tiles Multiplayer 2 likes 2 favorites Multiplayer crossword game.

MoneyAssistant for Meego 3 likes 1 favorite 1 comment Best personal expenses assistant. CallBlocker 29 likes 7 favorites 13 comments Block calls using blacklist or whitelist. DoMee 5 likes 3 favorites 2 comments Simple and elegant to-do list. Phone Assist Shake recorder 4 likes 1 favorite Need to set an event in your calendar when terminated a call with ur boss? Mega Flags 1 like 1 favorite Love Olympic Games? PureLight 10 likes 8 favorites 3 comments The simpliest flashlight app! Revolver Pro 3 likes 3 favorites 1 comment The most real Revolver Simulator!

AutoFlight 3 likes 2 favorites This Autoflight software enables you to enter and exit the flight mode in your specified time. Unravel 7 likes 5 favorites 3 comments Exciting game for Nokia N9! MeePasswords 5 likes 4 favorites MeePasswords is a simple tool to securely store short snippets of sensible or confidential data such as passwords and the like.

Wild Kayaking 2 likes 1 favorite Be stronger than wild river! Pinball Fantasies 36 likes 21 favorites 6 comments The legend amongst pinballs, a true blast from the past is back - on N9! Reversi 7 likes 2 favorites Reversi - a classic board game. TripDiary 3 likes 1 favorite 1 comment With Trip Diary you can record your travels, and then share with your friends.

NOKIA 5800 APP: Stiky Notes

CleverCalc 5 likes 2 favorites Clever calculator. MeeTxtEdit 3 likes 2 favorites 1 comment A simple text-editor that allows to load, edit and save plain text-files. SquareIt 2 likes 1 favorite Simple puzzle game where your goal is to put all the blocks inside the square without any blocks overlapping another. SummerMagic 5 likes 2 favorites 2 comments Relax by watching a beautiful summer scene with a burning bonfire. Room Planner 4 likes 1 favorite Tired of constant rearranging furniture in your room?

Camagotchi 3 likes 1 favorite Care for your own Pet Camel while helping your friends grow theirs. QuickEdit 13 likes 6 favorites 4 comments Change your Quick-launch icons easily. Anti Mosquito 2 likes 3 favorites Enjoy a mosquito-free summer. Face It 3 likes 5 favorites "Face It" is a real time face morphing camera application. Pixelate Photo 4 likes 1 favorite Cover unwanted details in photos such as faces or advertising. Traintiles 9 likes 5 favorites 3 comments Traintiles is an exciting new puzzle game for your mobile phone! Resistor and Capacitor Reader 3 likes 1 favorite With this application you can translate the color code on your resistors and capacitors to human readable units.

NumboTime 2 likes 1 favorite Is used for keeping track of a set of numbers over time. Roboto 29 likes 11 favorites 7 comments A speedy platformer with style, Roboto puts you in control of a daredevil teen robot equipped with a hoverboard, an arsenal of unique weapons, and a crush for the robot girl of his dreams! Room Planner Lite 2 likes 2 favorites Tired of constant rearranging furniture in your room? Rocket 7 likes 2 favorites Awesome mobile twitter client for MeeGo Harmattan with personality. Burn The City 25 likes 9 favorites 2 comments Unleash the monster within in this fiery puzzle game that has you demolishing cities for points.

Saita School Ads 1 like 1 favorite Saita School is an arcade game. Walk Under Moon 1 like 1 favorite This game is about the adventures of a cat walking on roofs during a night. Is it friday? Late 2 likes 2 favorites Real-time public transit arrival estimates for North America. CodeCam 15 likes 8 favorites 1 comment An advanced barcode scanner.

Sophie Cam 33 likes 14 favorites 5 comments Sophie Cam is a brilliant way to share your photos with various quality effects. Timesheet for N9 5 likes 1 favorite 1 comment Timesheet lets you record the time you spend on your various projects with a simple and efficient interface. CacheMe 3 likes 2 favorites CacheMe is a free geocaching application for the N9. BigTime 4 likes 1 favorite A tool to know current date time of different location, to know the future date time of different location.

Compass Pro 4 likes 4 favorites 1 comment Best Compass ever for your N9 devices. Weza 4 likes 2 favorites Weza is a simple and clear application for N9, which provides you with relevant information about worldwide weather. AutoOff 2 likes 1 favorite 1 comment A simple shutdown application with timer. QtWatermark 3 likes 1 favorite A photo watermarking tool.

MeegoMarks 4 likes 4 favorites 2 comments Take your web bookmarks wherever you go! Netview 19 likes 10 favorites 1 comment View and interact with your phone from your computer via a wifi connection. Luna Pocket Masjid 2 likes 1 favorite Luna Pocket Masjid calculates the Qibla direction and prayer times based on your current location. Alkoon 8 likes 4 favorites 2 comments Alkoon guides you to the nearest Alko liquor store in Finland. Red Help 4 likes 2 favorites Send emergency messages with a single button press.

FastMotion Time-lapse Recorder 4 likes 6 favorites Create high resolution time-lapse videos. Flick It 4 likes 1 favorite Flick It brings new twist to traditional match 3 games. NettiTutka 3 likes 2 favorites Nettitutka is an application for measuring your Internet connection. Currency 31 likes 11 favorites 2 comments This application provides real time exchange rates for over currencies. Arkanoid 2 likes 2 favorites This game is something unique in arkanoid world. Call Timer 3 likes 2 favorites Remind when you call, save money on your phone bill.

Shariks 3 likes 2 favorites Shariks is an accelerometer based game. Ilta-Sanomat 2 likes 1 favorite The Ilta-Sanomat application offers news in several categories, for example domestic, foreign, entertainment and sports news in Finnish. Etchpad 3 likes 1 favorite Draw and sketch nostalgic drawings with Etchpad.

Phuzzled 2 likes 1 favorite Phuzzled is a new and original way to play photo puzzle games. Origami Zoo 5 likes 3 favorites Origami is a traditional Japanese art or technique of folding paper into a variety of decorative or representational forms, as of animals or flowers. Movies Shelf 2 likes 1 favorite Interactive presentation of your movies collection. Random Ringtone N9 2 likes 1 favorite Set a random ringtone. Velocimeter 20 likes 9 favorites 3 comments Beautiful speedometer with multiple useful features. Origami Zoo Free 3 likes 2 favorites Origami is a traditional Japanese art or technique of folding paper into a variety of decorative or representational forms, as of animals or flowers.

Zabatak 1 like 1 favorite Initial Version of Zabatak Client contains only list of open reports. Numbered 1 like 1 favorite The objective of the game is simply to fill a grid with numbers. LightLock 2 likes 1 favorite With this application,if you want to lock screen,you don't need to press the key physically, just cover the right-top area of your phone. GuitarTeacher 4 likes 2 favorites This is a kind of electric guitar simulation software with the simple function, it is suitable for SOLO. Puzzle for toddlers 2 likes 1 favorite High quality set of engaging puzzles with friendly images, sounds and animation.

Perth Trains 2 likes 1 favorite Live departure information for Perth metropolitan train services. ScoreBoard 3 likes 1 favorite Score Board is application to track players score in various games, like darts or petanque. Chinese-English Dictionary 2 likes 3 favorites 1 comment Search by English or Chinese, using Pinyin or characters traditional or simplified. BigInput 2 likes 1 favorite It's another input method with diagonal qwerty keyboard and swiping candidate area. Nokia Public Transport 23 likes 14 favorites 4 comments Put detailed local public transport information at your fingertips for cities in 46 countries.

SoundGen 1 like 3 favorites Sound Generator creates different sound waveforms. Firepoint 1 like 1 favorite Firepoint application helps keep track of fires all over the world using Google Maps and up-to-date information on current outbreaks of fire, resulting from FIRMS.

Bedside 29 likes 12 favorites 8 comments Always-on, LED-style clock with switchable colours. Read 1 like 4 favorites ToDo: Watermark Photo 1 like 1 favorite Watermark your images with text, timestamps, pictures, QR codes, and signatures. History 1 like 2 favorites A must have app for history lovers produced by a history lover. Dropian 22 likes 11 favorites 5 comments Dropian is a fully functional Dropbox client. Doodle God 42 likes 11 favorites Doodle God by JoyBits is award-winning brainteaser with unique sandbox world, generated just by matching and mixing base elements.

Stellarium 22 likes 11 favorites 4 comments Stellarium is a planetarium for your phone. Bord 50 likes 26 favorites 6 comments Bord is a beautifully designed and very easy to use application which turns your Nokia phone into a chalkboard. Qt Facelock 15 likes 7 favorites 8 comments Now your Nokia device recognizes its owners face! Safe 35 likes 11 favorites 4 comments Encrypted password storage.

Internet Radio 19 likes 10 favorites 1 comment Listen to thousands of internet radio stations around the world, and browse them by location, language, or genre.