Can i download itunes app on my android phone

Learn more about what's available in your country or region. Apple Music is not a backup service, so make sure to always have a backup of your music collection before you make any changes. Get an Individual subscription. Get a Family subscription. Get a Student subscription. Subscribe on an iOS device. The first time you open the app, you should see a "Welcome to Apple Music" message.

If you don't see the message, tap For You. If you're asked for a verification code, you have two-factor authentication on your Apple ID. You might be asked to validate your billing info. Add a valid payment method 1 and tap Join. Learn more about how your choices affect your suggestions. Get the Apple Music app from Google Play, then open it. If you see an offer for a trial, tap Sign In in the upper-right corner. Spotify has an option to import local files from your computer: Choose your iTunes folder and all of the relevant tracks will be available in the desktop app and through the mobile apps including the Android one.

Assuming your iTunes library is in the default place, choose File , Import Playlists and then iTunes from the desktop client. From inside the web app, choose Settings then Add a folder from under the Music from this computer heading. Up to 50, tracks can be stored online for free and synced to your Android devices as and when required. I have an Acer Laptop with Windows I first tried to sync my Itunes library to DoubleTwist, which did not recognize my Itunes Library It said it appeared I had less than 10 songs?

I did some research, and deleted any extra Itunes library XML file. No luck. I upgraded Itunes to the latest version, no luck. What is going on? My Itunes library and all subfolders are in my Music Folder.

Can I download and install iTunes app on Android tablet, smartphone or TV?

I can open Itunes, and it works just fine. I cannot seem to find anything logical in settings. I've been Googling "Google Play Music doesn't recognize Itunes library," and so far the only comment threads I've come up with are on Mac forums. You can just give up on Double Twist and try younity instead, its way easier to set up and doesn't take up any storage on your phone unless you download the songs otherwise it just streams it from your home computer. The only bummer I found was that it doesn't shuffle ALL songs, but you can hack younity by creating a playlist in iTunes and then it'll sync that so you can shuffle all songs if you wanted.

This is the absolute best dam app and most efficient one stop no fuss method of accessing Itunes on Android. Of course, granted if one has a paid Apple Music subscription. Just thought I'd mention it.

… this isn't the forums?

Hello, and thank you for the comment. Yes, it appears you are quite right. Perhaps I can grab an Apple Music trial and include it in a future update to this article. Great Kim! Glad I could be of service and contribute to the thread! I remember back when Apple Music first debuted back in June, they were offering a 3 month free trial it was very competitive at that time running up against Spotify's 3 month trial for 99 cents.

I had a 3 month trial from July to October. And after that, they of course autobill the card on file. At any rate, the awesome thing is, if you were to cancel, Apple maintains your library and all your downloaded music for up to 3 months after your cancellation date! You might want to contact an Apple Music support and double check that. At least that's what I was told by an Apple Music support rep. I don't know what their current free trial is but it's always worth a go! And remember that the Apple Music for Android app is still in beta mode so there are little kinks here and there but overall much smoother since its debut back in November!

I enjoyed this article of Kim Claydon's transposing I pods music to be android fit. Kim laid out several methods that would work so now I need to to talk some people I know whom own an iPod and work out the best way to get some of their music onto my Galaxy S4 mini. A truly wonderful article Kim and more power to you.

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Yours truly; Regards, Guy H Martin. These "managment" systems are more work than they save. And they tend to lock you into them meaning it's hard to untangle the mess they make of your files. Apple seems to intentionally twirl the spaghetti by using obtuse file names, a flattened file structure and more.

Manual control of your music is just as easily drag and drop and frees you from OS and app dependency. Sure, apps have their place. Managing tags, album images and that sort of thing are far simpler with an app. But they don't make a hash of your library. Indeed, many of them will improve the organization and help you standardize the naming of your files. Just make sure you pick apps that really serve you rather than binding you to the app.

Samsung Unpacked. Reviews All. Create account Be part of the largest Android community. Login Cancel. Close What is ID4me? Stay signed in. Transfer iTunes to Android using Google Play Music Google Play Music provides cloud storage for up to 50, songs, accessible from both your desktop and your phone. Google Play Music can transfer your music from iTunes and free up space on your Android device.

How To Get Apple Music For Free On ALL Android Devices

Synchronize with doubleTwist With the free Windows program and the Android app doubleTwist, you can easily synchronize your iTunes library with Android. Synchronization via USB cable is recommended. Your iTunes music collection in the doubleTwist app on your Android smartphone. You can always use the tried-and-true method of USB transfer. Download it from the link below: The Apple Music for Android app makes listening to your music easy.

How to Sync iTunes Music To Your Android Device

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