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Jdog Jdog I called apple support twice and each person put me on hold an then hung up on me. So most of my kit is hard wired, so I've removed the wired cabling from my AppleTV 1. The only thing I've noticed on these posts so far is that the only successful post appears to have an Airport Express KingSean KingSean. Notebooks Speciality level out of ten: It wall works very gooderly after you do both. Community User Community User.

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It's not a bug it's by design. Unless you have one of the new HP printers that support Airprint out of the box download an app that supports shared printers on networks, Airprint will not work. It's possible Apple may implement that functionality in the future but it's not guaranteed. Hope that helps. So you're gonna have to purchase the new Apple TV to get Airplay functionality. Funnily enough I was about to buy an AppleTV 2 for another room, now I'm not going to out of principle.

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Come on Apple, don't forget about those loyal customers who helped get you where you are today. If Microsoft had done this the whole world would be crying foul today. Don't get me wrong here, I'll keep going with my Apple kit, but it's gonna be a while now before I buy any new hardware unless this gets fixed soon. Restart your Iphone.

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  4. Power it down completely then power it back up. It worked like a charm. If you think about it you probably never powered down your Iphone since updating which you should always do after updating software.

    AirPlay system requirements

    JLuca JLuca. Thank you.

    I wonder if the button just shows up when there is a supported device available. Actually I see the orientation-lock button, the 3 ipod buttons and the ipod icon, but there is no trace of the airplay button. Click it to show the content that you can mirror.

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    5. After turning on it, you can set up the resolution that your Apple TV supports currently. Step 2 Play the video on your Mac, and anything on your Mac screen including video and audio playback. On your iOS device, swipe from the bottom of the screen to open "Control Center", and tap on the AirPlay icon to tun off it. While during the usage of AirPlay, you may access various issues that cause you a failed connection.

      This part will mainly concentrate on these questions and show you effective solutions. Question 1: To AirPlay rented content, wait for it to download completely.

      Can you enable airplay mirroring on for the 3GS? - ModMyForums

      Sometimes you can't AirPlay rental content until it fully downloads. However, it does not work from iOS device to computer or other iOS devices. So here you can find the AirPlay alternatives to complement this pity. Mirror Assist is the software that can mirror movies, games, etc.

      How to Use AirPlay

      But it only works on iOS 6 or later. Here, all AirPlay related issues have been shared here. July 11, What is malware?

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      How to remove malware from Mac? Find the best the best Apple malware removal to get rid of malwares in this post. Learn why won't my iPhone backup to iCloud and how to backup iPhone in this post. Home About Privacy Tutorial. AirPlay 1. Apple TV 2rd or later. For peer-to-peer AirPlay, you can connect your iOS device to Apple TV without passcode or connecting to the same Wi-Fi network, you must make sure your device can meet the following requirements: How to turn off AirPlay?