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Allows to cancel conversion. Use default file chooser on Android instead of built-in file chooser. Fixed some fatal bugs which may cause app crash. Added support for WEBM format. Remove x86 phone support to reduce half app file size. Able to choose files from external SD card. Show failure reasons when conversion failed.

Added settings to set output folder or filename suffix etc. List all output video files. Merge multiple video files into one single video file. Choose the MOV files from a device that you want to convert. From the conversion screen, choose MP4 as the desired output format. Export the result in order to complete the process. Using the app you can apply effects like slow motion, crop, reverse video and others for customization.

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In addition to Android, the app converts and saves files for iPad, iPhone, Samsung, and others devices. The conversion speed is fast and multiple files can be processed at a time. The app also works as an MP3 converter and have preset for specific device models. Multiple language support is also there including English, Russian, Spanish, German, and others. Open the app on your phone and select Video Converter from the main interface. On the video list screen select the MOV video and move to the next screen.

Select the needed file parameters and configurations and click Next to proceed. On the Format screen, choose MP4 from the list and click Next icon. Select options from the screen and click Next and finally touch Done icon to complete the conversion process. Video Converter is a lightweight app that processes conversion at a fast speed and saves them to your phone.

Select MP4 as the desired output format from the drop-down menu. Trim and cut the video if needed by selecting start and end time. Online Convert is a popularly used online program that allows converting videos to MP4 as well as other formats that can be played on Android devices. The tool is free to use and works directly on your PC browser. The program allows changing the video bitrate, frame rate, and audio quality of the output file. There is also an option to cut and trim the video by setting the start and end time.

Once the video is converted to MP4 format it can be transferred to an Android device by scanning the QR-code download link on the program.

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You can also connect your Android phone to your PC and transfer the converted video. Open https: Click Choose file to select local MOV videos that you want to convert. From the Optional Settings tab, select file parameters as needed. From Save, settings tab give a name to the converted file. Once the file is converted, you can transfer it to your Android device by connecting it your PC or by scanning QR code of the file through Android device.

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This is another free to use online tool that allows converting videos to Android compatible format including MP4. Maximum of up to MB file can be uploaded to the program for conversion.

The program also has an option to cut the video. To cut or trim the video click the Options tab and select the start and end time.

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The converted file can be downloaded from the program interface and can be then transferred to the desired Android device. Similarly, even online conversion tools are simple in usage but have their share of drawbacks. Since these apps work only on smartphones, you need to have a compatible device. Mobile apps have their limitation with respect to the size as they need to be installed on a phone.

So if you have a large number of files to be converted the process will be time-consuming.

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  7. The mobile apps have limited features and functions as compared to the professional tool. So if you are looking for advanced options and features, these apps are not very apt. Similarly, if you are using online tools there are a number of issues associated. Online tools are dependent on online connectivity, the speed of conversion is slow, the number of formats supported is limited, and they lack additional features as well.

    Copy the YouTube video download link from YouTube webpage.

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