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OEM Verizon BlackBerry Playbook Screen Protector (Clear, 3-Pack) (Bulk Packaging

Apply Filters Selected. Price Range. Additional Options. Color Display Size Supported Display Type Supported Height 7. Here are a few of the apps RIM told me would be available on or shortly after launch: As far as deleting an app? Just hold down on one and they will all start pulsating, giving you the ability to reorder them or deleting one with a tap of the X button below each icon. Pages generally load extremely fast, though there are some issues here and there.

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For instance, I noticed some issues with Flash content when zooming in and out in the browser — Flash advertisements would oddly overlay on content in the browser, escaping out of their ad zone placements. Once you return from another app, those pages are flushed and reloaded. Conceptually, this is brilliant for existing BlackBerry owners. It all comes down to ease of use, and comfort. The battery life on the PlayBook has been extremely, extremely good.

It lasts for days and I rarely worry about remembering to charge it. RIM includes a high capacity charger with the PlayBook as it requires more power than the standard microUSB charger that every BlackBerry user has strewn about his or her home and office.

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You can most certainly charge the PlayBook with your existing charger or even over USB from your computer, it will just take, much, much longer. There are lots of accessories available to use with the PlayBook. The PlayBook has a miniHDMI out port on the bottom and it has really come in handy for connecting the device to an HD display to share movies, photos, or other content with friends. Movie playback is perfect, no hesitations, great media player for a plane flight or other trip.

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  4. The few games that are available work well, KOBO reader, music player also good. Bridge works fine for phone integration. And yes, power button does suck. But this playbook seems to me a bit of a dissapointment. A new version will come out i can just feel it. So my advice.. I get better screen,a keyboard and a full PC experience. There is nothing wrong with the power button. Go and actually use a retail device, a lot of the review units sent out had the power button set flush to the case.

    Funny thing is you never have to use it, as well we have 3 in house and not one has a power button issues, nor does any my friends have. Please do your own review of the device before repeating stuff that is just not true! Just reading over your comment again I can tell that maybe you looked at one in the store but have never used it at all.

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    5. This device is hands down the best I have seen out there, this is coming from a user that has had all 3 in my hands and used them. Software is a bit lacking on the PlayBook compared to the iPad but when you compare it to the Honeycomb OS they are in the same boat.

      BlackBerry PlayBook LCD Screen Protector Guard Film - Tutorial of Installation

      Both OSs are too new to have a lot of support but it will change for both manufacturers. So yes you can wait but if you do then another will be announced after that then another and you play the waiting game forever. Heck I even plug it into my TV and sit on the couch and play games or read my emails, or watch a podcast.

      My kids were using the device to play their flash game sites on the big screen TV and they were just in love. All the problems I have read are minor and are indicative of cutting edge devices, if you want the best and the newest it will sometimes come with a few bugs or lacking features that are added or fixed later. To be able to have a device I can carry with me that is essentially a portable entertainment system that can plug into every newer TV or monitor out there is what I have always wanted. Get a 1 GB plan and laugh at the others that are dropping a grand and a half on a connection they already have paid for on their hip!