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10 Free Android Games That Do Not Require an Internet Connection

One Touch Flash Light. AIO Downloader. MineCraft 2 - Pocket Edition. Pou Cheat Unlimited Coins. Aplicativos Similares. Cut the Rope 2. Cut the Rope: Time Travel. Pudding Monsters. Experiments FREE. Duello Games. Aliens Like Milk. Cut Rope Heroes. Tiny Hope Free.

El regreso de Om Nom y sus caramelos

King of Thieves. Crash Arena Turbo Stars. Mystery Of Hidden Inheritance Free. Ottoman Caliphate Flag Free. Bitcoin Flapper. Live Wallpaper HQ. However, there is a little twist in this one with some of the dots being power-ups. Download Pac-man Free Clash Royale If you are a lover of card games, then you have come across Clash Royale.

Transform Om Nom!

This is a game whereby you collect cards with various powers that feature clan characters then you use them to challenge the other Royals to a duel. Download Clash Royale Free Triple Town. Download Triple Town Free Traffic Rider How does getting congratulated for close calls on traffic feel like?

If you are the adrenaline junkie who loves that, then this game is for you. You use your device as a steering wheel and unlock more levels when you complete a circuit. Download Traffic Rider Free Do you remember how you were joining dots on preschool? You have to join a prescribed number of dots within the limit of the number of moves.

Download TwoDots Free Fruit Ninja Free. Download Fruit Ninja Free This is its clone. It lets you play against friends by ranking you against them. It also shows you the longest word that you have created so far. You earn and awards for all your winnings to boost your morale even further.

It also comes in a variety of languages for all you linguists. Download Words with Friends Free Hill Climb Racing. Download Hill Climb Racing Free With this one, you are shown an icon, and you have to guess what it is.

My Om Nom. ZeptoLab

It could be a cartoon, movie character, place or whatever else. The game is fun, addictive and very informative. It is a good way to sharpen your wits by gathering a few facts during your idle time. Download Icomania Free QuizUp Almost everyone loves to be challenged in a trivia game. This one has a myriad of categories with new ones being added on a daily basis.

It tests your wits while keeping you thoroughly entertained. Try it today.

Download QuizUp Free Plants vs. Zombies 2. Download Plants vs. Zombies 2 Free You get to create beautiful musical rhythms from tiles that fall your screen by clicking on only the black tiles. You can create music with others by playing the multiplayer version in Hall mode. Download Piano Tiles 2 Free Zynga Poker — Texas Holdem. Download Zynga Poker Free RPG Clicker This one is all about tapping. Tap to move, tap to level up, tap to fight, etc. It is in pixilated view which makes it even more fun if you ask me.

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You can hunt for treasure, take your hero on quests and even take on bosses. Disney Cross Road How did you like trying to avoid trains and traffic as a chicken or some other character? I am sure that you must have liked it. Disney Cross Road is the same concept but this time you unlock characters who are Disney favorites throughout the years. Download Disney Cross Road Free Smash Hit Did you play marbles as a kid? Here is your opportunity to play the game that you loved so much again. In this game, you have to hit a series of glass targets without missing.

There are also power-ups and refill marbles now and then.

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If you can successfully hit all the marble refills, you will be able to shoot out several balls at once. Download Smash Hit Free Download Crime City Free You can play either as a single player or in multiplayer mode. Word of advice, though, start off as a single player then when you have mastered all the weapons and skills, you can challenge others. Download Modern Combat Free Flow Free. Download Strikefleet Omega Free Traffic Racer. Download Traffic Racer Free Carrom 3D.

1. Zenonia 3

Download Carrom 3D Free Download 8 Ball Pool Free Candy Crush Saga. Download Candy Crush Saga Free Top Sniper Shooting. Download Top Sniper Shooting Free This addictive puzzle game asks you to connect dots of the same color. Connect dots as much as possible to clear off the board.

47 Best Free Android Games to play in 2017

This minimalistic game got levels, and there should be more in upcoming updates. Download SpeedMoto Free Wind-up Knight. Download Wind-up Knight Free Well, some have in-app purchases, but you can always control that on your device. We know there are many more games for android should have included in this list and based on personal preference you may not agree with the list. So we ask you to add your list of best free android games in the comment section and let the world know about your favorite games on Android phone or tablet.

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