Madden nfl 11 by ea sportstm for ipad

Bid on items, access your Binder and post items for auction at the optimal price, utilizing recent sales data from across the Ultimate Team community.

Madden NFL 11 by EA Sports for iPad App Review

View your league schedule, set your game status, and export league data to supported 3rd party sites where you can analyze stats and more. Receive synched notifications straight from your console about completed auctions, new trade offers, rewards, objectives, and earned achievements. View your rewards and discover unique and more in-depth reward stats, exclusive to the Companion app. Then, get in the game to redeem them for packs, player items, and more.

Important Consumer Information: This app: Hey, Madden NFL 19 fans! Connect to the Auction House anytime, anywhere. If so, then why not feed off of what made them successful?

MADDEN NFL 11 by EA Sports - iPad Review

This app should let you use features for your CFM mode such as: Please listen to your community. This app is absolute trash compared to the company that created it. How can a company that makes triple a game titles make an app so useless for both franchise and MUT. No rosters or depth chart, no free agency or trade options. Not to mention if you want an updated auction you have to keep swiping up to do so.

I mean even the logos for the teams on the franchise schedule look like 8 bit animations from a game boy.

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Only positive note is you get notifications when someone has played a game in your franchise or if you won an auction. I would have given this app a 4-star rating until EA banned me from the Auction House for apparently using bots, which could not be further from the truth.

I am not impressed with the steps I now have to take to appeal the ban, given that I have done absolutely nothing wrong. Simply understanding the auction house economy, and how to manually buy cards low and sell high, does not deserve this unfair penalty. Most MUT players understand to earn coins as a no money spent player, you must work the auction house by sniping Like in the console versions of the game, Madden NFL 11 offers you the choice to play single, season, exhibition, playoff or multiplayer games. Choosing teams is easy—just flick your finger up or down on the list.

Madden NFL 11 for iPhone

I mostly played my hometown team, the 49ers, as I have stubborn devotion to them. I found picking plays on both sides not very complicated, and choosing audibles was also a breeze for me during gameplay. Instead of having to decide on a new play every down, and you can instead, without going back to the play menu, just stick with the play you were previously using.

Score big in real-time PvP.

You can also choose from any of your four audible slots or four hot route slots without going to the main playbook. These changes help make Madden a faster, smoother experience. Play-calling is easier than ever in Madden NFL After picking your plays in both defensive and offensive mode, you gain control of a player by using a small joystick that appears on the bottom left of the screen.

As apart of the offense, you actually get to use the joystick quite often, as it is the main way to control a quarterback or receiver. The stick is backed up with small buttons on the right side of the screen that, when pushed, will allow your player to speed up, spin, get rid of the ball, and slow time. Slowing time is very useful in allowing you to quickly change your player to better match an unexpected defense.

Madden NFL 11

Receivers will light up in red, yellow or green indicating the level of coverage on the player. A green player is the easiest to throw to, and a red player is the hardest. Even with open receivers, you'll still have the ocassional dropped pass, interception, or sack—depending on how much time you waste in the pocket and the overall skill of your QB.

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One element of football that often goes unappreciated is kicking. In Madden NFL 11, it's one of the more challenging aspects of the game. A kick depends on your ability to draw a path with your finger of where the ball should go.

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A slight curve of the finger can mean the difference between a field goal and a pulled ball. You hardly have a time to control your player and tackle a receiver before a down is over. Unlike Madden NFL 10, you do have the ability to slow down time during defensive mode and readjust your players accordingly to match the offense; still, playing defense isn't very exciting.