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We can't wait to taste you. When are you going to come to Windows Phone? Windows Phone 7.

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When you're preparing for a not quite make or break but still enormously important launch hi, Mango! HTC has done the unthinkable and created a massive phone named Titan.

Samsung Reveals the Galaxy Fold, Its Futuristic Bendy Phone

It weighs over a third of a pound, has a gigantic…. Enough Apple talk! Let's move on to a more tropical fruit. WP7 Mango is coming very soon, and more and more goodies are…. Gizmodo The A. Brian Barrett. Brent Rose. Andrew Tarantola.

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Tim Ferrill - MaximumPC. Sam Biddle. It will take a number of menu clicks, though, before you actually get to the desired song, but the option is there.

iOS' Siri vs Android's Voice Actions vs Windows Phone's Tellme

There are a number of third party apps that seek to unify various messaging systems in one place. Mango will do that automatically with Threads.

Beauty and the geek: Windows Phone 'Mango' vs. Android

Multitasking serves to save Windows Phone 7 from slipping into the void. Android has it, and iOS got it with an update last year. Multitasking allows for the ability to switch between apps, and pick up where the app was stopped. Everything else in the Windows Phone OS is so large and accessible; why not the main buttons on the phone screen? Beauty was given more importance over brains in that decision. The bubbles, by the way, call up Voicemail, Keypad, Phonebook and Search functions. That's a fairly minor complaint, however, once you consider that Mango nails just about every other aspect of the phone that Microsoft has jurisdiction over.

The combination of all messaging platforms -- Facebook messaging, chat and SMS -- all located in one hub should catch on soon with competitors. The integration of a contact's multiple profiles -- from Twitter and Facebook and your phonebook and elsewhere -- is terrifically helpful for contacting everyone you know. Visual voice mail and WiFi hotspot are two welcome new additions. The keyboard continues to be great: Making corrections in emails and text messages, with an actual desktop cursor that pops up, is a welcome respite from having to peek over one's thumb in Android and iOS.

Android, iOS and Windows Phone compared in infographic - CNET

Bing Maps, with traditional map view, street-level view, traffic information and indoor maps for shopping malls and baseball stadiums, really blows its competitors' maps out of the water in terms of function and features. And then there is TellMe, which is one of Windows Phone's best features, and which is the last of the hundreds of updates Microsoft is rolling out with Mango.

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  5. Earlier this week, the Internet freaked out , as though having seen a Chris Kattan male dancer character slap his upper thighs, with rumors that voice commands would be heavily integrated into iOS 5 ; TellMe is everything that this "iPhone Assistant" is rumored to be minus a Find My Friends feature.

    After holding down the home button and speaking a command, the TellMe feature can make phone calls, write and send text messages and read out received text messages, launch apps and retrieve and read out walking and driving directions turn-by-turn. The speech recognition worked great in my trials, and I didn't get arrested once for texting while driving.

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    TellMe is basically everything the rumored Assistant will purportedly do, but the Microsoft's version exists without the fanfare of its Apple counterpart. The cynic in me says that this is a microcosm Microsoft-cosm? Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. It is, quite easily, the most aesthetically attractive mobile OS out there today.

    What these little pictures mean is not clear, and only becomes so after I press three little dots next to the picture to bring up captions: Check out some of the new features of Microsoft's upgrade to its Windows Phone platform below.