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Pocket Harvest is a farm simulation game with cutesy 8-bit graphics. If you like Farmville, then you might want to play this game. You can plant crops in the fields, construct tourist attractions, expand land, attract customers and earn virtual cash. Cute 8-bit workers will assist you in planting seeds, digging up radishes and carrots.

Tourists will visit your farm, buy farm produce and roam around your beautifully decorated fields.

20 classic games you can play on your Android phone

The game tries every bit to do justice to the farm simulation genre. Crops depend on seasons and you may not be able to plant certain seeds all year around. There are plenty of buildings and tools to unlock and missions to complete. Pocket Harvest is fun to play and a great alternative to Farmville. If you are looking for a role-playing game with fantastic pixel art graphics for your Android phone, then you should download and install D.

Defender of Texel. You will be engaging in boss fights, complete quests, build a party, fight rivals in PvP arenas and evolve heroes in your team. Watching pixilated characters trade blows is fun. The questing system is extremely simple, but fun to play. Players who appreciate 8-bit graphics will immediately start salivating at the sight of collectible 8-bit heroes and monsters.

A must-play game for all retro RPG fans! Nimble Quest is Snake on steroids. The classic RPG elements infused into it make gameplay even more interesting. Each hero will launch a specific attack when enemies come within its field of view. Knights will engage in melee attack, archers will arrow bomb monsters and mages will unleash spells to destroy zombies, bats and several monsters in the arena. The game ends if the main hero is killed, so make sure you save your party from traps and enemy attacks.

Your party advances to the next level soon after a set of enemies are defeated. The level design is harder than the previous one and consists of various environments like forests, castles and graveyards. While snaking around, you will come across power-ups that frequently appear, giving your party members mini boosts or increasing their attack rate. Heroes can be leveled-up thrice and each hero becomes quite powerful at the third upgrade. While these elements really make things interesting, the real challenge lies in moving your party. The marvelous 8-bit visuals are trademark Nimblebit, something which you have seen in every pixilated game.

This arcade dungeon crawler is packed with randomly created dungeons and quests. Players have four classes to choose from — Wizard, Elf, Valkyrie and Warrior. After choosing a character class, a player can venture deep into a randomized dungeon full of pixilated Cyclops, Minotaur, evil skulls and host of monsters.

Top 25 2D Modern Platforming Games For iOS & Android

On his journey, the player will be able to collect loot and secret items. Game visuals look more polished than any 80s RPG game. The pixel art heroes are just too adorable, so are those monsters. This is a fast-paced hack-and-slash dungeon crawler sprinkled with strategy. Each character has its own unique skills and those combat moves are worth a gander. Another rogue-like dungeon crawler, Legends of Yore faithfully reproduces good old 80s RPGs, but with some changes to gameplay.

You get to choose one character class from 3 classes — Warrior, Archer and Mage. The levels are randomly generated, and offer plenty of challenges and secrets. Levels are in the form of floors with each floor giving you a chance to vanquish monsters, snakes and blobs. Many gameplay aspects are old skool, and this will definitely attract seasoned dungeon crawler players. Infectonator infuses endless running elements smoothly into its zombie simulator and provides a surprisingly addicting session of pure zombie menace.

Playing a zombie can be extremely fun. You will be running around, infecting as many humans as possible. However, make sure your stamina bar does not trickle down to zero, else the zombie will stop.

33 Best RPG games for Android | Android apps for me. Download best Android apps and more

It needs food and the food is scampering here and there. Just walk into a human shrieking in fear to regain some stamina and speed. Power-ups play an important part in making your zombies stronger and faster. If you love zombie-themed games, especially those that let you play the undead, do download this game. And did I tell you it this Android game has nice pixel art graphics? You will fall in love with the hand-drawn pixel art visuals. This is pure 8-bit violence and combat is inspired by hardcore role-playing games.

Set in the Stone Age, this atmospheric RPG lets you play as a nomadic tribesman exploring a strange island full of wild beasts, cannibals and rival wanderers looking for a new home. You will continue playing his sons, who share a few traits with their father. Levels are randomized, giving you a totally new gameplay experience every time you start a new game.

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You will also get to choose a tribe from a variety of Stone Age clans with each clan having its own unique skill paths. The assortment of Neolithic weapons and items you will be gathering is just mind-blowing. This is one excellent survival RPG for Android. To comment on this article, you must sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

Just remember, the rise of darkness in a dungeon world is always a great chance for hunters to reveal their forces. Some fight for good. Some fight for gold. What are you going to be like? Toram Online in one more popular RPG. But, unlike the previous one, it reminds more of a simulation game rather than action, although there are elements of both. The game has a girlish or kind of anime vibe, like, for example, you can create your heroes and dress them up as you like — there are 50 billion dress patterns! Now, come on, this gotta be an exaggeration!

Other signs of simulation in this game are an ability to create your original land and an ability to raize captured pets on this land. How cool is this? There are battles, of course. So, what is this all about? The story goes like this: All the nations were destroyed. Like there are no Chinese, Russians or Americans anymore. All the people became divided into 4 groups. Well, for us, it surely does! Let yourself explore this wonderful beautiful 3D world.

In fact, there is a good story behind the gameplay. It turns out that your stay on a strange island that reminds of the Dark Ages is not a coincidence. There was a cataclysm that killed most of the humans. The only survivors are those who managed to sail away on this very island, the conditions of which are hardly adequate for living. As a result, there appeared 4 exiled kingdoms that are in a constant state of war between each other. You are not interested in all this bullshit. Your only goal is to survive and get as much gold as you can.

While chasing it, you are going through missions and choosing between different options of how to continue your journey. Most of the time you find yourself in a dungeon crawl, trying to escape traps and looking for secret doors. There is just one character.

You can develop him, choose adequate weapons for him to fight with and so on. Ominous music adds up to your experience! Download the game now and get through this dangerous adventure! Well, most people know what Star Wars series is about. The game allows you to visit famous locations of the series, such as Tatooine. The World Ends with You is an exciting name for a game. The game is kind of an urban myth.

A boy whose name is Neku wakes up in some crowded street of Tokio — city of lots of styles and attitudes, not knowing what the hell is going on. Then he receives a message and this is how it all begins! It turns out that the boy has psychic superpowers, and now it is time for him to join battles. Besides, the game has about 60 songs as soundtracks and gorgeous HD art.

So, if you like the idea, get the game and start playing right now! There are lots of quests and battles waiting for you. For some, it might be a problem. Chaos Rings is the fourth game in Chaos Rings series. It has cool anime-styles high-quality graphics. The first destination everyone needs to reach in order to look for the Blue Star is the floating continent New Paleo. This is where you live with your sister. One day, something calls you and you decide to go to search for the planet Marble Blue!

All in all, another wonderful game with a nice story behind it! Get Chaos Rings 3 now and dare to follow your heart! But so cool! So, what are you gonna do now? There are about items to craft. All of that is somehow intertwined with a storyline of world domination. Some freaks decided they want to rule the world. And you are stuck on your little piece of land and cannot wait to discover the foreign planet to the full.

It turns out that the planet is not so unfriendly. At least, you can tame creatures who could live with you and help you. Like in any other RPG, battles are an inalienable part of the game. So is improving qualities of your character. A huge number of quests is awaiting you! And there are books about seven heroes as well. The file of the game is enormous, so you might wanna use Wi-Fi to download it.

Anyways, 7 Mages are characters with special skills which were hired by peasants of Roven island to protect their homes and their crops. Every level challenges you with a new original puzzle, so be sure to resolve them all! Guild of Heroes is one more medieval style RPG. This one has been updated quite recently, so you can be sure everything is up-to-date in this game mind the date of this article. Guild of Heroes offers you to explore a fantastic world inhabited by magic creatures. There are 4 kinds of characters — conjurers, witches, archers, and templars. Using them, you can battle bosses, enemies, and even other players.

Banner Saga is a beautiful award-winning RPG, available on several platforms. The game is based on true myths if there is such an expression, you know about Vikings. Your goal is to command a Viking clan, leading it through hostile places. Hone your leadership skills, manage your resources wisely and be precise in battles. Banner Saga allows you to improve characters and make choices that affect the gameplay in an unexpected way.

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If you are in love with stories about knights and crusades, buy this one! Well, there are heroes, but… you are on the other side. Upon the whole, there are 19 classes of characters to choose from. Tarren is a what remained of a broken empire. Now it is just a bunch of shuttered kingdoms and you are the one who prevents this instability from coming to an end.

The war is always good for someone — someone who is smart enough and heinous enough to get benefits from it. You can be involved in campaigns, make difficult strategic choices and be engaged in lots of other exciting activities. Arcane Quest 3 is one more game in which the dark forces have come to power. The realm is in danger, and you have no choice but to use your magical skills to save your people and restore the peace.

You can play as one of 10 heroes. There are about pieces of equipment to make your character truly unique. Of course, there are bosses, nasty enemies and other cool and challenging adventures to get through. You can also play with others in order to get through special multiplayer quests.

The Fire Emblem series is already 25 years old.

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This new part created by Nintendo is a moderated and improved continuation of the series. It features the story that has over stages and new ones are added quite frequently! This is an on-the-go game with all the advantages that are associated with such type of games. Summon them, develop their skills, buy equipment for them in order to win your battles with ease! This is a good one to try out. If you are looking for a good game with lots of levels to play on the go, you have found one!

Planescape is a game that will guide through a bizarre world of a city Sigil surrounded by planes. The game is of a really high quality — there are an original soundtrack, human voices used to voice characters, gloomy atmosphere created by elaborated pictures. The original version of the game was created back in Since then, the game gained lots of fans, and now you can play it on phones and tablets. Its unique story will fire your imagination! The plot of Planescape: Torment is really special. There is no need to tell all the details though — get the game and explore them yourself!

Most RPGs are all about heroes! But have you ever wondered what it is like to be a boss? Like A Boss is a game, in which you have to protect your territory and your loot from adventurers. Not only that. You can also hire other bosses to fight for you, create monsters to stop restless heroes, and craft weapons and armor to get stronger yourself. But here, once again, you pay for quality. King of Dragon Pass is a text-based RPG, where you got to lead your clan, sign diplomatic agreements with other clans and accomplish other missions that are relatable to the times of clans.

The story is unique and full of strategic freedom — as they say, it is all about choice and control. The app is highly elaborated — it uses hand-painted pictures and other impressive stuff. There are interactive scenes, all connected with mythology, conflict, and community. All in all, if you like reading as well as playing, and strategy is what impresses you, then this game is made for you! Get it now and enjoy! Inotia is a classic action-RPG. The game gives you an opportunity to battle orcs, goblins, and other nasty creatures. You can choose from 6 classes of heroes, develop 90 types of their skills, and travel through map-locations, including deserts, forests, dungeons and so on.

The game has a lot of levels and special quests. It is almost impossible to get through all of that.