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MaterialComponents style, and these styles reference color attributes from the Material Design theme Theme. So, it is easy to re-color attributes across your app by simply modifying the color attributes in your theme.

Themes and colors

These attributes are:. By changing these six color attributes, you can easily change the style of all the Material components to which your theme is applied. These additional color attributes are as follows:. We are reusing several existing attributes — colorPrimary , colorSecondary , android: To select primary and secondary colors, and generate variations of each, use the Material palette generator , Material Plugin for Sketch , or Material Design palettes.

I know I can set the background color like follows: Mohammadreza Panahi 2, 2 14 Zapnologica Zapnologica 9, 33 Jois Jois 1, 1 12 Will this only be for buttons? The older one , apply's for all.

Color Theming - Material Components for Android

I hope this was helpful. Just using AppCompatButton by setting this attribute: Hesam Rastegari Hesam Rastegari 1 1. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. The color system. Color usage and palettes color, color system. Read More. The baseline Material color theme.

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Primary color. Dark and light primary variants You can make a color theme for your app using your primary color, as well as dark and light primary variants. Distinguish UI elements To create contrast between UI elements, such as distinguishing a top app bar from a system bar, you can use light or dark variants of your primary color on each elements. Secondary color. Secondary colors are best for: Floating action buttons Selection controls, like sliders and switches Highlighting selected text Progress bars Links and headlines Dark and light secondary variants Just like the primary color, your secondary color can have dark and light variants.

Surface, background, and error colors. Surface colors affect surfaces of components, such as cards, sheets, and menus. The background color appears behind scrollable content. Error color indicates errors components, such as text fields. The baseline error color is B Typography and iconography colors. Accessible colors. Color swatches A swatch is a sample of a color chosen from a range of similar colors. Alternative colors.

Material Design

Alternative colors are best for: Apps with light and dark themes Apps with different themes in different sections Apps that exist as part of a suite of products Alternative colors should be used cautiously, because they can be challenging to implement cohesively with existing color themes. Alternative colors for section themes. Theme 1 Yellow is used as the primary color for areas such as onboarding and choosing areas of interest. Theme 3 Pink is used as the primary color for classes. Additional colors for data visualization. Material palette generator.

Input colors Color palettes can be generated based on the primary input color, and whether the desired palette should be analogous, complementary, or triadic in relation to the primary color. Color variations for accessibility These palettes provide additional ways to use your primary and secondary colors, by providing lighter and darker options to separate surfaces and provide colors that meet accessibility standards.

A FF8A A FF A D A FF80AB. A F A C Purple 50 F3E5F5.

Styles and Themes


Extend and customize a style

Deep purple 50 EDE7F6. A BFF. A 7C4DFF. A FFF. A EA. Indigo 50 E8EAF6. A 8C9EFF. A DFE. A 3D5AFE. A FFE. Blue 50 E3F2FD. A 82B1FF.

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