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The idea is that you take part in head-to-head battles with your buddies to see who can run the furthest - and this proves very enjoyable and addictive, especially since your friends are represented by runners in the game itself so you know that when you've gone past them you've beaten their score. There are weekly leaderboards where you can see how you've fared out of all your Facebook friends and players you've ran against during the week. Running with Friends is free to play, though in-app purchasing is available. Game currency allows you to continue runs from where you fell in order to improve your distance.

You can also buy new avatars for your runner. Is it easy to play? Part of Running with Friends' addictive charm comes from its simplicity. The gesture controls are much the same as Temple Run and Subway Surfers: There's a handy interactive tutorial at the start which guides you through everything. Navigating the menus in Running with Friends is very easy and once you've signed in with your Facebook creditials or registered for an online account, challenging and playing friends is a straightforward business.

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How does it look? Running with Friends is very well presented. The design of the cartoony game world has a distinctly Spanish flavor , from the police cars down to the street signs. The verdict. Running with Friends is yet another endless running game and in that respect it is very unorignal. However, the social twist on the genre, coupled with the exceptional treatment of the bull running theme, combines make this a really enjoyable game that's hard to put down.

What do you think about Running with Friends? Do you recommend it? View full description. Softonic review Running with Friends is a multiplayer endless running game in which you have to run further than your friends at the famous running of the bulls in San Fermin, Spain. Is Running with Friends different from other endless runners? The verdict Running with Friends is yet another endless running game and in that respect it is very unorignal.

Subway Surfers Flee from the grumpy inspector in this Temple Run-style game. Amateur, Pro and the World Championship. Super Monkey Ball 2. Welcome to new adventures of Super Monkey Ball 2. Choose one monkey - Aiai, MeeMee, Baby and GonGon - and rush, collecting all the bananas on your way and trying not to fall off the edge.

Try to complete the track in a record time. Open your cantina on Tatooine planet. Humoristic game atmosphere that will not let you to get bored Elements of time-management 2 game modes: Career mode and Endless mode!

Subway Surfers

Treasure Jones. Get to a mysterious island and experience epic adventures together with Jones. Make your way through the forest, deserts, and temples while collecting treasures, precious things, weapons and other 25 hidden antique items. Beautiful graphics Stunning clashes 48 treasures 15 types of weapons 35 absorbing levels Upgradable character abilities Game Center integration with achievements and leaderboards.

Dungeon Hunter. This is a story of a prince, who turned to the evil forces from the underworld to rescue his beloved, what caused a stir in the kingdom. Now he has to restore the balance by clearing the kingdom from evil. Make your way through hordes of monsters and use not only your sword, but magic as well. Amazing 3D graphics 3 characters: Knight, Rogue and Mage Playing of your music in the game Intuitive and easy control Characters upgrade: Alpine Safari. Zenonia is a captivating RPG with hundreds of characters and numerous elements for every of them. This is a story about the adventures of a youth to the mysterious dungeons.

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Your fate will depend on your decisions, which will lead to good or evil in Zenonia world. Day and night cycle, hunger and weight will add reality to the game. You can choose from: Paladin uses powerful battle magic , Assassin uses two blades and is very strong and Warrior uses two-handed sword, which makes severe injuries. Please, select version of your platform.

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