Runkeeper android waiting for gps signal

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Best app for X-reason. RunKeeper won't get GPS point before run starts? Whenever I try to start a run, RunKeeper simply will not pinpoint my place.

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My location services are completely on. I've tried the following with no success. Most of the time I just start the run without any GPS and RK will find it in the first 5 minutes, but then it will be wildly inaccurate—usually somewhere within m of my actual location. It means that the pace it reads to me every 10 minutes is very impressive but also very wrong. I've already gone through everything in the RunKeeper support page for this issue.

Does anybody have any ideas on how to fix this? It's driving me up the wall!

Use Mapping Apps Offline

Thanks for the suggestion! I just tried Device Only but it wouldn't get past the blurry city map that it begins on and didn't change after five minutes.

On High Accuracy it at least pinpoints my apartment, but remains "Searching" like I detailed above. It's the same as trying to use a car GPS indoors; it won't find signal.

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Go outside where it is open and try it. This probably won't help, but here is my Runkeeper procedure. Move the phone out into the open, open GPS essentials app dashboard and wait until the accuracy has comes down to 4m 13feet 3. Android display timezone not set correctly [duplicate]. Why is Firefox' Sync functionality not supported currently?

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