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This is simple. You are not alone. A lot of users have experienced these Wi-Fi problems after updating devices to iOS However, If nothing described here works for you, you may want to contact Apple.

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My problem is that: When I am home, I have no problem, but when I am outside my wifi will drop and it closes. When I go to any building, it closes. Whenever I am in any building, I do not have any phone service. Changing the DNS settings got the speed to about 80, but still shy of the on my laptop.

My iPhone 5S is still only getting about 35mbps. Do you think the hardware on the iPhone 5s operating on IOS I have had iPhones for many years and swore I would not ever change but lately with all the issues that appear to be software related i am having second thoughts.

How To Fix Slower Wi-Fi Problem On iOS 11

Samsung watches link to iPhone seamlessly but cannot share health data with Discovery. New iPhones are ridiculously expensive and pretty soon will price themselves out of the market. Not sure what is going on with Apple but if they carry on like this, they stand to lose many customers.

Sometimes internet speed is very slow on iPad can occur due to some system problem, update iOS to the latest version will get it fixed. Download and install the program on your Mac or PC, connect iPad to computer and click "Repair Operating System" from the main interface. Click "Fix Now" and you'll enter into a new screen. You need to download the firmware package for system repairing, click "Download" to proceed.

If you suspect that the slow internet speed is caused by the router, you can test it by downloading a speed test app on iPad.

Top 8 Ways to Fix Slow Wi-Fi on iPad

If the internet speed is okay on iPad, then we can confirm that there's a problem with the router. Try the tips below to see if you can fix it. The wireless signal can be blocked by walls or some objects, so you are recommend staying close to the router to speed up Wi-Fi connection on iPad. When you are near the router but the connection speed is still slow, try to reboot the router by turning it off for a while and then tuning it on.

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Wi-Fi extender improves the coverage area of your router and is really useful if you have a big house. It rebroadcasts the signal and allows logging into the extension and get a better signal strength when further away from the router. If you still have questions on the iPad network connection, contact your internet provider.

Re: Very slow download but very fast upload

Fix Bad Wi-Fi Connection If the Problem is on the iPad When you get the slow internet search, loading or surfing speed on iPad, you can check whether there's something wrong with the iPad. Here are the possible solutions you can try: Reboot iPad Hold the button at the top until you see "slide to power off" on the screen, slide the screen to turn off the device.

Turn off/on Wi-Fi

Reset Network Settings Reset network setting on iPad is the most effective way for fixing Wi-Fi weak, unstable, not working or keeps drooping on iPad. Update iOS Sometimes internet speed is very slow on iPad can occur due to some system problem, update iOS to the latest version will get it fixed.