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Dungeon Hunter 2 HD - Symbian game. Dungeon Hunter 2 HD sis download free for mobile phones.

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December 11, at 9: Popular Posts. Its graphics quality is Fight through 13 level Dungeon Hunter 2 HD v1. Tintin HD v1. Extend Menu Grid 1. In the other two big RPG titles I've reviewed for All About Symbian Crusade of Destiny and Eternal Legacy HD , the control method has been such that character movement was controlled by one thumb, and camera angle was controlled by the other. Just as this control method was looking like a new standard, Dungeon Hunter 2 does away with it in favour of a fixed camera angle.

This has the advantage of freeing up your other thumb to access the many combat related buttons, but it also means that you can often lose sight of your character behind scenery, because you can't 'look around the corner'. As you advance through the game, you'll eventually have to choose from two specialisations in each class. Warriors, the melee class, specialise to Beserker or Crusader.

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Rogues, the ranged class, specialises to Archer or Deathwalker stealth. Mage, the magical debuffing class, specialises to Shadowmancer or Illusionist. During the early quests of Dungeon Hunter 2, you're guided around by the character who rescued you in the intro animation of the game — Rene. In addition to him, you are always followed by a faerie. As you progress through the game, you meet other faeiries who join your quest.

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Each of them have different abilities which can be built up via quests , and you can chop and change which one you want guarding you at any time via menus. As you are initially finding your way through the game, Rene acts as a guide, but also as a bodyguard, dealing with some of the bad guys for you, while you're busy fending off the rest of them. Combat is how you advance in Dungeon Hunter 2. As you might expect, combat earns you experience points, which allows you to 'level up' and gain more skills, or enhance the skills you already have.

Additionally, killing enemies yields gold, armour or weapons.

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When you find new armour or weapons you can equip them, giving an immediate boost to your abilities, or choose to sell them on. Selling unwanted items to a merchant is how to get the best gold payout. However, if your inventory has filled up, you can transmute items into lesser amounts of gold than you'd get otherwise. There's a well designed configuration system in the inventory screen, allowing you to set up which equipment you're going to use.


There is a wealth of detail given over to weapons and armour in Dungeon Hunter 2. For each item in the game, there are four grades. Basic items have no special attributes, just damage points for weapons, and armour points for armour. Beyond this, you can have up to four added properties to an item which will boost some of your attributes.

The distribution is seemingly random, but it does mean that you really need to keep an eye on what you're picking up, as you could get lucky and find something very useful indeed. Another aspect to using different selections of equipment is that you can inherently customise the appearance of your character. This in turn greatly helps with Dungeon Hunter 2's longevity, because you begin to either identify with, or care about, your character. This is where I would normally wrap up the review, but Dungeon Hunter 2 has one last trick up its sleeve, which sets it apart from any mobile RPG I've played before — a cooperative multiplayer mode.