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A Simple How to. The article is a great how-to tutorial with simple step by step instructions explaining how to use the Plazmic Theme Builder to design and make custom Blackberry themes. This tutorial by Briley Kenney will give you what you need to get started.

Since then, Briley wrote a more in depth turorial which takes you further than the first article. In the Plazmic theme builder for BlackBerry- Advanced tutorial , you can learn how to use the Plazmic software to create more complex themes. You will design your own dialogs, customize your banner, change backgrounds and more.

Where do you Find Blackberry Storm Themes? There are a lot of Blackberry Storm themes to customize your Storm, and places to check can be found in this article. A number of the sites mentioned for other BlackBerry phones also carry free themes for the BlackBerry Curve as well. Do you own a BlackBerry Pearl?

Instructions for Installing BlackBerry Themes Over The Air

With these free Blackberry Pearl themes, any smartphone will look more attractive- and yours can be one of these phones. BlackBerry Bold theme designers usually want to be paid for their best work. Kristina went searching for some BlackBerry Bold themes. My new Pearl came with a painful all white theme.. However my bb says that 3rd part appls are not allowed to install by IT policy. Any other maual method to install the theme? I was having the same problem as billy…i did what u said however, and the themes still dont appear in the themes list…is there anything else i can do?

So what can I do? Did u guys figure out how to get the themes under the theme list? I just got a new Blackberry Bold and have been looking for helping with themes for the last two days! I used your instructions for OTA and you explained everything perfectly and I was able to get my theme after two days of trying so many different things!!! Thank you so much.

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Hi, ive got the same problem with my downloaded themes not showing on my themes list, i have switched it from custom to allow in advanced option, let it reset but it still doesne show up the themes in my themes list. Im having the same problems as Leanne…anything else I can try?? Its in my applications but not in my themes..

Still having problems, ive tried everything ppl ahve suggested except for the desktop manager way as i ahve lost my cd and have not loaded it onto my laptop. Hey guys, i also got the same problem, i cant find themes in the list. Anyone figure it out yet? Please help!!!!!!!! Thanks for the Silver theme and instructions for it! It helped. But i was wondering if you have any more themes like that? Sa marche pas: I Like my blackberry curve theme but i would like the new theme, but unfortunately the theme wont show on my list. I downloaded a theme and it was installing, after installation it said the themes is successfully installed.

There are only the preloaded themes. What should i do? I had the same issue with my theme once, i had downloaded it and it wouldnt show up in my themes. Make sure the theme you are trying to download is for your exact model and operating system 4. I had chosen the wrong one and thats why it wouldnt show up in my themes. Hope this helps!!!

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Help Please. I have downloaded a OTA theme. Please help for the file extension for manual installation.

Getting off to a good start

Simple Help. DEN July 29, , 7: Many thanks Denis. Dominique August 7, , 8: Hi, thanks for the info. Annastacia September 17, , 6: The BlackBerry Theme Builder scales the screen elements to fit the specified screen dimensions. When you export a theme, you choose the specific device to export the theme for.

You cannot create a theme and export it for use on BlackBerry devices that have different screen dimensions. For example, if you design a theme for a BlackBerry Torch smartphone with screen dimensions of x pixels , users cannot download that theme to a BlackBerry Bold smartphone with screen dimensions of x pixels. Users can, however, download the theme to a BlackBerry Bold smartphone, that has the same screen dimensions x pixels as the BlackBerry Curve smartphone.

You can update the theme project by opening it in the BlackBerry Theme Builder and then exporting it to the desired version of the BlackBerry Device Software. When you create a theme, you must select the layout and the BlackBerry device model that you want to target. However, if you wish to create a family of related themes that, for example, targets different screen sizes and present different Home screen layouts , the BlackBerry Theme Builder enables you to do so without you having to create similar looking themes from scratch.

You can change from one theme type to another at any time. Changes you made to the Home screen are lost, since they will no longer apply in the new theme. However, the BlackBerry Theme Builder preserves changes elsewhere in the theme. A single theme project cannot target multiple screen sizes.