Infinity blade 3 iphone 5s demo

According to Apple, iPhone 5S possesses A7 chip with a 64 bit processor, that makes it 56 times faster than the original iPhone which was released six years ago and twice as fast as iPhone 5 that was released last year. Infinity Blade III includes new features such as to play as new female warrior called "Isa" and other female warrior called "Siris" from the previous version. It also includes a new hideout place where players can safely hide and view the overmap of the site, and also enables to unlock new warriors for the sake of the cause.

iPhone 5S And 'Infinity Blade 3': A Match Made In Heaven

Infinity Blade III: Demo on iPhone 5S Courtesy: Anna Harris working as web content writer for a major IT firm specialized in various iPhone app development services. Post a Comment. Skip This Advertisement. Launched on Apple iPhone 5S. Posted in: Newer Post Older Post Home.

iPhone 5S Gaming Video - Infinity Blade 3 - Batman Arkham Origins

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Infinity Blade 3 dragon has four times the polygons of any character from Epic | Shacknews

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But the game also impressed Apple, which saw this mainstream game as a way to attract new consumers, while showcasing the HD visuals and console-like experience of its tablets. That in turn has allowed the team to further close the gap between what can be done on a current-generation console, such as an Xbox or PlayStation 3, and what can be done on an Apple device.

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The latest game is eight times larger than the previous installment. And ChAIR is planning a series of updates that will further expand the universe through additional storylines, new enemies, and boss fights.

Epic announces Infinity Blade: Dungeons

Although the game has been in development for about a year, Apple contacted them just a few weeks ago to join the event. The company strategically plans its development cycle around when Apple announces new devices the first Infinity Blade was announced three years ago this week and keeps Apple updated about its progress. By John Gaudiosi 3 minute Read.