Toyota touch and go plus applications

Connecting via Bluetooth provides audio, but intermittent album, artist and track information, no ability to select or browse tracks.

Toyota's Touch 2 & Go Review

Connecting via USB does provide this but then you've got to leave the USB connected to your phone which you rightly want to reside in the Qi charger instead. The other significant issue with USB is that you cannot browse folders on the device but instead all the media regardless of folder is shown. This means you can't, like me, order your music into folders on your USB stick and play media from a folder.

DAB is ok but with only 6 presets its kinda awkward to operate if you have more than 6 favourite stations. There's no sign of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, and ' Mirrorlink ' is only compatible with phones from the last decade so practically useless today.

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There is no support for any form of video to be played from USB storage so don't waste time trying. The audio quality is very subjective. With its 6 speakers, all mid range and no subwoofer it does a reasonable job at low to moderate volume levels with even sound coverage. Turn it up too far and you start to loose what clarity it had but for the price point and in the lower end of the market it's not bad at all. The phone integration is ok and the hands free is very workable but there are a few obvious issues when using this. When looking at the last called, dialled and missed lists there is no way to navigate without using the touchscreen unlike every other vehicle where you can do it from the controls on the steering wheel this means that again your distracted whilst trying to hit the right number which is actually quite hard to do whilst driving.

Whilst you've got the "last called" list up, you can no longer see the signal strength which to my mind seems ridiculous when the main use of the 'last called' screen is to recall after getting cut off due to the miserable cell coverage in this county.

New apps for the Toyota Touch 2 with Go and Go Plus infotainment systems | Automotive World

To add insult to injury, once your call has been cut off and you reach to press the screen to redial, a pop up rolls down from the top of the screen, obscuring the last called number to tell you want media you're listening too just in case you had forgotten! There is also a significant delay between getting into the car, starting it and driving and the phone becoming available. Its as if the unit has to sync the entire phonebook from scratch on every start up, which for me with a sizeable phonebook seems to take forever.

There is no search facility so you have to use the A-C, D-F and so on which is a nightmare when you've got a lot of contacts. An example would be for company Fred Bloggs Inc, having two contacts, in this case you can find Fred Bloggs Inc but you have no idea which contact its going to call meaning you need to pick up your phone, use its contacts to make the call which defeats the whole purpose really.

Since the majority of my contacts are businesses and I'm forced to dial from my phone then I looked for a way to stop it syncing but found none. It does seem to detect traffic alerts but it simply tells you "Traffic Jam Ahead" and then directs you into the back of it without suggesting any detours. Maybe it will in the future, but so far that's a zero. The voice navigation also leaves a lot to be desired with 'Turn Half Right' being its favourite phrase of the moment.

New apps for the Toyota Touch 2 with Go and Go Plus infotainment systems

What exactly is a half right? The navigation data is significantly out of date, even when updated to the 'spring ' data, there are still roads just in my locality that are incorrect and that's unfortunate. I wonder why TomTom can get their maps up to date, but Toyota can't? There is a definite delay in processing current vehicle position especially noticeable on roundabouts where the 'screen' and your actual position can be a junction or two out meaning you're going to come off at the wrong junction.

This is annoying especially when it gets the exit number wrong, which it does periodically. The route planning is fairly poor with only major roads factored into any route. We planned a series of routes and whilst it gives you the Fast, Short and Ecological routes they are invariably all the same. If you take a route which you drive regularly and get it to plan it, then it will only use main roads. If you plan a route between two villages then it will plan the route ok but if you plan a route city to city then you only get main roads and the short route simply doesn't work.

A most notable absence from the Navigation system in our EV is any way to navigate to your nearest charging point, something that I believe every other EV we've tested has as standard. Another 'feature' that I was eager to test was the Speed Camera Alerts which are built into the system. The Toyota Website Claims. Cyclops delivers the most accurate and reliable safety camera databases and smart software - you can enjoy these benefits by using our Cyclops App — specially designed to alert you to currently active mobile camera sites. And all other fixed camera types are automatically updated too!

Cyclopse has comprehensive coverage of over 90, sites across 48 countries and automatic updates ensure that you always have the most accurate information possible. Which sounds great, but actually finding any information is like pulling teeth out of a Donkey. You will receive the relevant alert at the relevant moment, to adapt your driving style to road hazards reported by the Coyote community, in real-time. There is no further information on the Toyota website any of them so your back to searching the web. The Coyote app is also infuriatiating because it pops up OVER the navigation screen meaning that you can no longer see the map and in city's these days with speed camera's every 5 meters this means the navigation is impossible to use and your left with yet another distraction that you have to deal with instead of watching the road.

What they don't tell you is that their website is poor and allows just simple from and to input without any navigation functionality. The best way forward I've found here is to go to maps. Now for the section that I'm sure everyone has been waiting for.. The Toyota Website as of today says.

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First I registered on the Toyota portal, got a username and password and downloaded the Toyota Toolbox software on to my PC. I downloaded 2 free apps, Glass of water and weather, onto my USB stick then took it out to the car and switched in to Ready mode and plugged the USB stick in and the system said downloading upgrade then the message went off and when I look on the Apps page the Apps are not there. From experience, the app and satnav update loading is a bit hit and miss; however, I managed to download and run the Glass of Water app without any problems.

Do you think it's still loading when the message disappears and maybe I'm not giving it enough time? My Nav is not the latest update but bearing in mind the unreliability of the download process and the problems some have had with the update from the portal I daren't even try to update it. I've not tried loading any apps, but from my reading of the manual it seems they require a data enabled phone to be paired to the car.

The manual does say you should get a pop-up to say the download has finished but it also says engine must be running during download. Ths manual is rather dissapointing as it is trying to cover different implementations of touch and go so it is almost impossible to know which bits actually apply to your car. I have had to add a short usb cable to the socket to avoid the contortions required to use the socket which is hidden under the central armrest. Before using downloaded applications connect the bluetooth phone with an internet profile See page I read that, but I haven't got to the stage of "using" the apps, I can't get past the preceding page 94 , downloading them.

Toyota Touch 2 - Installation de l'application directement depuis le Touch Go 2

The glass of water app doesn't require a phone connection according to the Toyota Toolbox program. I just went through the same process as above again and lo and behold it worked fine, downloaded the 2 free apps "Glass of Water" and "Weather" in about 10 seconds on the car. After I got it running on the 2nd attempt on the desktop it worked. Thanks for your input chaps. Well, when I installed "Glass of water" I didn't have a phone connected.

The app should be loaded onto a USB stick, and then automagically installed when the system is started up with the USB connected. As far as phones are concerned, there are very few that are able to provide internet access. Hi Philip, Thank you for your feedback, if you wish to discuss this further contact our Customer Relations team. You can find their contact details here: Hi, I have successfully setup the Toyota online and can launch the fuel app which shows list of garages with info as expected, however the default fuel setting is diesel but I have a petrol hybrid.

Thanks for your comment and feedback. Hi Frank, Thanks for getting in touch. The list of abbreviations have been listed below: SMS which comes to smartphone has only text: Hi Tom, Thank you for your comment. Please could you provide us with your reg. Many thanks. Many thanks for your patience.

Hi Michael, We have spoken to our technical team and they have advised you may have speed detecting locking set — this means that when the vehicle starts moving, the doors will automatically lock. The passenger doors will not auto unlock, which we think is your issue. For more information we advise heading to your Toyota dealer for further help. Whenever I try to use the pre-installed apps like, weather or fuel prices it always says I need to register at mytoyota.

I am logged into my account and I have internet because it allows me to do online searches. Have you checked that your phone is using the latest version of software and the apps are up to date? My phone is using the latest firmware. I am on Marshmallow 6. Which apps specifically? Hi Mark, Thanks for getting back to us. We have spoken with our technical team and they have suggested checking that your Touch 2 device has also been registered to your account.

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If so, it may be worth contacting your Centre for further help in case there is a technical issue. We hope this helps. It has been registered to the account. I was also able to download my saved journeys so I know its registered. Hi Mark, It seems like your best option would be to take your vehicle and Touch system to your local Toyota Centre as there could be a further technical issue. Do you need help finding your local dealer?

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Hi Adam, Thanks for your post. What sort of app do you have in mind and we will feed back to our developers? Hello Ella Thank you for your prompt answer.