Iphone 4s 4013 error solution

Step 5. In the next window, select your iPhone model and allow dr. Step 6. Step 7.

How to Fix iTunes Error 4014/4013 and Upgrade Your iPhone. Blog

Now it will proceed to fix the iPhone Error The tech giant will take care of the issue and offer the better solution to it. Stay connected with us for more such handy tips and feel free to shoot your valuable feedback in the comments as well. How-to iTunes. Dhvanesh Adhiya.

iPhone Error

Sponsored Links. Tags error How-to iTunes itunes error itunes error Dhvanesh Adhiya https: So follow the steps:. Already mentioned that the error is related to iTunes so it comes when you try to restore iPhone using iTunes. Or maybe you have not updated your iTunes from long time. The reason can be of anything so why not check for updates.

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If the update is available for iTunes then update it. This can solve the error you are facing.

How to fix Error iPhone 4s - iPhone 4S - iFixit

Users Also See: Though it may sound awkward especially in this situation but yes, it can have a great impact on your iTunes error. So better to delete some apps or data which is not important for you to fix iPhone error. Even you can reboot your device to fix iTunes error. For that you have to follow the steps:. Some of the steps are:. But if all the above mentioned ways does not work or fails then also there is nothing to worry. Well following the above steps one by one can be really tiresome and even it can be a lengthy process.

As you have to follow one, if not work then go to next step. Use iOS System Repair software. This software is really help to repair any type of iTunes error , including iTunes error and without any data loss and it does not take much time. I have two iPhones so after trying everything including going and using a friends computer and different IP address I decided to take the motherboard out of the error ridden phone and put it into the phone that has no problem.

I plugged it into iTunes and did the restore and it still stopped at the same point, the one where the message is saying 'Verifying iPhone restore with Apple Store' and then back to the error number.

how to fix problem iphone 4s Error 4013

Has anyone got a thought as to why if it is a hardware problem the phone still behaved the same as it did in the carcass that supposedly caused the problem. If it is not a hardware problem but the computer or the cable or the USB port or the IP address, then why is it that one phone in the house is alright and the other isn't? Aug 3, 9: I have the same problem , why does Apple just ignore all our problems. They produce an expensive product without any services except to say buy a new phone.


I may well doe this.. Aug 14, 1: Aug 15, 7: We aren't Apple, we are users like you. And you needn't bother taking your phones into an Apple store once you've opened them yourselves as they won't touch them.

You've voided further support from Apple by opening the device. Nov 26, 9: Apr 13, 3: Thank you so much!!!

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This is it! I had this problem twice - every time after using my phone a looong time, the second time the wifi didn't work too I have a lot of experiences with hair dryer and freezer - it actually works very well for non-working wifi! Obviously, this is hardware problem. I like iOS but these problems irritate me so much I can't tell! And in my opinion, Apple knows very good how to solve this.

How to Fix iTunes Error 4014/4013 and Upgrade Your iPhone Successfully

Maybe these problems are on purpose - you have problem, go to the Apple service, spend an amount of money, got your phone back OK But it seems no one cares about how to prevent these problems Thank you thawk69! Error More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Branzehh Branzehh.

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Error Thinking i had a battery problem, because my iPhone kept on showing the apple logo continously with the Battery logo seconds later on red all the time.. When the new battery was received, it were all disembelled and reassembled in unique form, howether, when turning it on it now brings me to an iTunes Logo with - and without the USB cable I've tried restoring this iPhone so many times howether it's just not having it, even with the new battery! Thanks, Brandon.

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