Windows 8 store app data access

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Tip 1: Tip 2: LEM will alert you to problems such as when a key application on a particular server is unavailable. It can also detect when services have stopped, or if there is a network latency problem. LEM is a really smart application that can make correlations between data in different logs, then use its built-in logic to take corrective action, to restart services, or thwart potential security breaches — give LEM a whirl.

What you are checking is where applications store user-specific files: See screenshot below. A folder called Application Data exists for backwards compatibility with XP. Windows 8 creates symbolic shortcut links to the old XP folders such as Application Data.

Data Access and Storage

Some applications may store their settings in your main user account folder at C: Others may store data in the registry , or in a folder elsewhere in your system. On Windows, application developers can store data wherever they like. Most Windows users should never even need to know this folder exists.

How to Move Windows Store App Installation Location // Killer Instinct is FREE!

You may then be able to copy that folder to the same place on a new computer and the program will use the same settings. Whether this will work really depends on the programs—some programs store their settings in the registry, for example, or elsewhere on the system.

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  • Data Management and Storage Considerations!
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Many programs provide a way to synchronize their data between computers, or at least export it. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere.

Using the App File Explorer to see your app data

For an easy example of this, you can type this route into your browser: This would be very helpful but I see just a subset of the utilities. I am trying to explore the app storage on my windows Phone Lumia The article says that this requires Anniversary Update. So, I assume you at least need to be on Insider Fast Ring. Are you?

Where You’ll Find AppData

Hi I have a Honeywell device and os build